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Privacy Policy

  1. We collect your personal email that you provide to us if you create an account through the Berd Spoke Calculator App
  2. We collect some de-identified information automatically when you download and install the app for analytics. We collect
    a. Crash logs and Diagnostics. This data is for diagnostic purposes to improve the quality of the app over time. This data may include IP address, device information, device settings, timestamps, actions you took in the app.
    b. Location Data. We collect location data only for analytics and is imprecise, how much data we collect is dependent on your device settings that you use to interact with the app. You can opt out of this by disabling location settings on your device.
    c. App Activity. We collect page views and certain button taps for analytics. This data is used to improve the app functionality over time.
  3. All data is encrypted
  4. We only use your data for legitimate business interests, maintain security and operation of the app, and troubleshooting.
  5. We don’t share your information with anyone, unless with your consent to comply with laws, provide you with services, to protect your rights, or to fulfill business obligations
  6. We keep your information until you delete your account
  7. Your information is kept safe but we cannot guarantee your data will be 100% secure
  8. You may review, change, or terminate your account at any time and can do so by contacting us by email at sales@berdspokes.com