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Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels

Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels

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Tipping the scales at an insane light 1,108 grams with valves and rim tape, these are the lightest gravel specific wheels I have ridden and reviewed. Priced at $2,195, they beat their pants off of premium wheelset offerings in terms of price and weight, which says a lot about the R&D that Berd has put into this wheelset. These Berd sparrows have set the benchmark. - Gravel Cyclist

The Berd Sparrow Carbon Gravel Wheels are the lightest 25 mm internal production gravel wheelset on the market today! Even though Sparrow wheels weigh only 1,065 grams for the complete wheelset (1,108 grams with tape and valves) they are still tough enough to handle anything your off-pavement adventures can throw at them.

Not only are Sparrow wheels lightweight, but they also provide an extremely smooth ride with the damping qualities of Berd spokes soaking up those chunky gravel sections and reducing the high-frequency vibrations that travel from the road to the rider.

The Sparrow Wheels are equipped to handle 28c road tires all the way up to 50c mud slingers so no matter where you are going and how you are riding, you can mount up whatever rubber is needed for the adventure!

At the center of the Sparrow wheels are the all-new Berd Talon Gravel/Road hubs. Berd TALON hubs feature a clean spoke interface designed to work exclusively with Berd spokes. The TALON hubs also include removable end caps for easy serviceability, centerlock brake mounts, and a durable black anodized finish. The dual-sprung 36 tooth ratchet mechanism is designed to be easy to service and offers excellent reliability! Most importantly, the Talon Gravel/Road hubs are available with Shimano Microspline freehubs for 12-speed GRX cassettes in addition to Sram XDR and the traditional Shimano 11SP road freehub body.

Berd Sparrow wheels come built around our flagship Berd Talon Road hubs, along with black Industry Nine Solix Centerlock hubs or Onyx Vesper Hook Flange hubs. The Onyx option is available in 12x142 (Including SingleSpeed),12x148, and 12x157 SuperBoost rear spacing. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery of Onyx Vesper Hook Flange wheels.

Strong, light, and smooth - Berd Sparrow wheels are the complete package. Come fly with us today!

The Perfect Tire Match
Berd Sparrow Wheels pair perfectly with the Alluvium Tire from KENDA!

Technical Specifications:

Sparrow Wheels with Berd Talon Hubs

Wheelset Weight:

Industry Nine Solix -1,026 grams
Berd Talon - 1,065 grams
Onyx Vesper Hook Flange - 1,220 grams

Internal Rim Width: 25 mm 
Rim Size: 700C
Spoke Count: 28 Front and Rear
Rim Type: Carbon fiber
Available Hubs: Industry Nine Solix, Berd Talon, Onyx Vesper Hook Flange
Hub Spacing 12x142 Rear/12x100 Front
Disc Brake Type: Centerlock
Freehub Options: Sram XDR, Shimano Microspline, and Shimano 11 SP, Campy N3W (I9 and Onyx)
Tire Compatibility: 28 mm - 50 mm
Tubeless Ready: Rim tape and valves installed
Maximum Tire Pressure: 70 psi (28c Tire)
Suggested Weight Limit: 250

Sparrow Spoke Lengths:

289 mm (F Left)
291 mm (F Right)
292 mm (R Left)
289 mm (R Right)
Sparrow Spoke Lengths (I9 Torch Hubs): 295 mm (F Left)
297mm (F Right)
297 mm (R Left)
293 mm (R Right)
Sparrow Spoke Lengths (I9 Solix Hubs): 294 mm (F Left)
297mm (F Right)
293 mm (R Left)
297 mm (R Right)
Sparrow Spoke Lengths (Onyx Hubs): 289 mm (F Left)
292 mm (F Right)
289 mm (R Left)
292 mm (R Right)

Limited quantities are in stock now (please allow 4 - 6 business days for processing)!*

*Excludes Onyx Hook Flange Hubs and Industry Nine Hubs. Please allow for 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Backed by Berd's 5-Year Limited Warranty

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life compared to steel and are impervious to the elements.

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