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Our People

Berd was founded in 2015 with a mission to use advancements in materials science and engineering to improve cycling products. Our PolyLight™ spokes are the lightest in the world. They enable cyclists to ride farther and faster, while expending less effort.

Charlie Spanjers

Co-Founder and CEO

Allison Horner

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Danks

Research Technician

Ayanna Owens

Spoke Production

Rob Stepaniak

Director of Sales

Nick Vetter

Wheel Department Manager

Nick Noethe

Production Associate

Christian Lundberg


Keegan Krol


Zak Kaufhold

Spoke Production

Ryan Conway

Spoke and Tool Production Manager

Bret Hoekstra

Sales Manager

Ryan Schlumberger

Service and Technical Advisor

Brad Guertin


Kyle Olson


James Campbell

Marketing Consultant

Mike Arbeiter


Barry Johnson