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Berd Service Kit
Berd Service Kit
Berd Service Kit
Berd Service Kit

Berd Service Kit

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The Berd Service Kit includes tools needed to replace a Berd Spoke in a convenient zipper case:

  • Spoke holding tool for preventing wind up during truing
  • Spoke pulling tool for pulling the spokes through the hub
  • Insert pushing tool for pushing inserts on heads of spokes for straight pull spokes
  • Thin spoke wrench for turning nipples when not possible to access back of rim
  • Awl for opening loops of spokes
  • Wire loops for pulling spokes through hub holes (2)
  • Rods for securing spoke loops (4 each of white and black)

The zipper case includes:

  • Elastic storage pouches for the 5 tools included in the kit
  • Mesh pouch for holding wire loops, rods, and other small accessories
  • 4 labeled slots for holding replacement spokes (FL = Front Left, FR = Front Right, RL = Rear Left, RR = Rear Right)

The Berd Service Kit includes one spoke of each length pre-loaded in labeled slots when purchased along with a full price Berd Wheel Rebuilding or complete wheelset.