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Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels
Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels

Berd HAWK30 Carbon Wheels

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 Berd has paired its UHMWPE spokes with new hubs and carbon rims to pull together one of the lightest all-mountain wheelsets on the market.

Bikepacking.com's Gear of the Year - HAWK30 Wheels

Berd's new HAWK30 wheels are the product of a partnership between Berd and We Are One Composites to deliver spokes and rims made in North America. We Are One is located in Kamloops British Columbia, Canada, and Berd is located in Hopkins, MN.

Light enough for XC racing but tough enough for gnarly trail rips and enduro runs, the HAWK30 wheels combine lightweight and vibration damping Berd spokes with 30 mm internal carbon rims.

The HAWK30 rims are only 18 mm deep. This unique design yields engineered radial compliance and high lateral stiffness. The combination of vibration damping Berd spokes and our new radial compliant rim means more speed over rough terrain and less rider fatigue.

With a wide 3.75 mm rim lip, Berd's new rims spread out tire/rim impacts across a larger surface area to prevent tire and rim damage during acute impacts.

The HAWK30 wheelset is built around either our flagship Berd Talon Hub featuring hooked hub flanges designed to work specifically with Berd spokes along with a dual-sprung 54t ratchet freehub or Industry Nine Hydra Centerlock hubs, delivering almost instantaneous engagement and long-term reliability.

These Berd wheels are also available to be ordered using the Onyx Hook Vesper Flange Hub System. This option is available in 12x142 (including single speed), 12x148, and 12x157 super boost rear spacing. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery of wheels with Onyx hubs.

The Perfect Tire Match
Berd HAWK30 Wheels pair perfectly with the Pinner Tire from our friends at KENDA!
Technical Specifications:
Wheelset Weight:

Industry Nine - 1,394 grams
Berd Talon - 1,444 grams
Onyx Vesper Hook Flange - 1,494 grams

Internal Rim Width: 30 mm
Rim Size: 29"
Spoke Count: 28 (front & rear)
Available Hubs: Industry Nine Hydra, Berd Talon, Onyx Vesper Hook Flange
Hub Spacing: 110 Boost Front / 148 Boost or 157 Superboost Rear
Disc Brake Type: Centerlock
Tire Compatibility: 2.3" - 2.7" 
Tubeless Ready: Yellow Berd rim tape and Stans No Tubes valves installed
Maximum Tire Pressure: 45 psi
Suggested Weight Limit: 280 lbs

Industry Nine Hydra
Spoke Lengths:

291 mm (F Left)
294 mm (F Right)
292 mm (R Left)
287 mm (R Right)
Onyx Hook Flange
Spoke Lengths:
296 mm (F Left)
298 mm (F Right)
298 mm (R Left)
295 mm (R Right)
TALON Spoke Lengths: 294 mm (F Left)
296 mm (F Right)
296 mm (R Left)
293 mm (R Right)

Approximate lead time: 1 week.*

*Excludes Onyx Hook Flange Hubs

Lifetime warranty and free crash replacement on Berd HAWK30 rims

Rim Technology
The new HAWK30 rims feature an industry-leading 18 mm deep profile engineered for radial compliance that provides speed over rough terrain with less rider fatigue.  

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