Berd GVX Series Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd GVX Series Carbon Gravel Wheels
Berd GVX Series Carbon Gravel Wheels

Berd GVX Series Carbon Gravel Wheels

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Recommended for gravel and cyclocross riding and racing, the Berd GVX wheels are among the lightest carbon gravel wheels available on the market. Berd spokes provide 200% better vibration damping than metal spokes, giving you speed over rough terrain and will not leave you fatigued after a long gravel ride.

Technical Specifications:

Wheelset Weight: 1,086 g (GVX22)
1,186 g (GVX25)
Internal Rim Width: 22 mm (GVX22)
25 mm (GVX25)
Rim Size: 700C
Spoke Count: 24 front and 28 rear (GVX22)
28 front and 28 rear (GVX25)
Rim Type: Carbon fiber
Hub Type: Industry Nine Torch Road
Disc Brake Type: Centerlock
Tire Compatibility: 32 mm - 47 mm
Tubeless Ready: Rim tape and valves installed
Maximum Tire Pressure: 40 psi
Suggested Weight Limit: 180 lbs (GVX22)
220 lbs (GVX25)
GVX22 Spoke Lengths: 295 mm (F Left and R Right)
299 mm (F Right and R Left)
GVX25 Spoke Lengths: 297 mm (F Left and R Right)
300 mm (F Right and R Left)

Please contact us within 24 hours of ordering for custom hub color or spacing.

Approximate lead time: 2 - 4 weeks.

Backed by Berd's 5-Year Limited Warranty

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life compared to steel and are impervious to the elements.


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