Bicycle wheel building requires practice, patience, and attention to detail. A great wheel builder will select the best components, ensure the proper spoke lengths are used, and build a final product that is true, dished properly, and has even spoke tension. Great wheel builders build wheels that perform like new for years to come.

    At Berd we’ve assembled some of the top wheel builders around. Trained in building wheels with Berd spokes, these Berd Certified Wheel Builders have mastered their craft.

    To be considered as a member of the Berd Herd, one MUST meet strict wheel building standards. If you think you’ve got what it takes, review our qualifications and complete the Berd Herd application. 


    1. Complete and successfully pass Berd Certification training/instruction program annually
    2. Lace at least six (6) wheel sets with Berd spokes per year
    3. Actively participate in forum for feedback and comment on Berd spokes (2x/year)
    4. Maintain BBI Spoked Wheel Lacing certificate
    5. Sign a Berd NDA (Berd may share information about innovations it is developing within the forum for feedback)

    As a Berd Certified Wheel Builder you will receive:

    • Certified training/instruction on building up wheels with Berd spokes
    • Recognition on Berd web site as a Berd Certified Wheel Builder
    • Berd Herd t-shirt (value: $24.00)
    • Berd water bottle (value: $9.95)
    • Other associated benefits

    Berd Certified Wheel Builders:

    Mike Curiak -

    Favorite wheels to build: Whatever's in the stand today.
    Favorite place to ride: Whatever's on tap next.


    Tim Smith - GS Astuto

    Favorite wheels to build: Extralite / CET35 Astuto

    Favorite place to ride: Tuscany


    Josh Lasley - Broken Spoke Bikes

    Favorite wheels to build: Fat bike wheels with Berd spokes
    Favorite place to ride: Marquette area

    Visit Broken Spoke

    Wayne Lee - Atomik Carbon

    Favorite wheels to build: BERD is the WERD!
    Favorite place to ride: So many incredible places all over the world…Jamaica, Boise and Colorado Trail.


    Lee Thortersen - Zed Bike Wheels

    Favorite wheels to build: 

    Favorite place to ride: 

    Visit Zed Bike

    Eoghan Mulholland -The Sports Room

    Favorite wheels to build:  I love building wheels for trail bikes.
    Favorite place to ride: My favorite place to ride is the GAP in Dublin, Ireland.

    Visit TheSportsRoom.IE

    Tom Booth - Cascade Bikes

    Favorite wheels to build: DT Swiss hubs to anything
    Favorite place to ride: I love to ride anywhere in the PNW


    Michael Sukhov - Comrade Sukhov

    Favorite wheels to build: FAT-Wheels based on HED, Nextie, DT-SWISS, and ONYX hubs
    Favorite place to ride: Everywhere my bike can ride!

    Berd Certified Wheelbuilder Application